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Solar Water Heaters
Our solar water heaters generate extremely high returns and require minimal maintenance. A good solar water heater will save up to 90% on domestic electricity bills.
Wouldn't you like to save money on your electricity bill?
On average family of 4 will save over €525 per year on electricity bills and still have hot water 24 hrs a day!
Over 2 million families around the world have a Solahart Solar Water Heater. 
 Tips before investing in a solar water heater:
  • ensure your unit is correctly sized for your household
  • check the details of the warranty on performance and efficiency to make sure the performance loss is minimal over time
  • ensure your solution is installed by a certified electrician
  • ask how your system will be mounted or installed. 
  • ask whether the solution carries Solar Keymark Certification
Why choose a Solahart Solar Water Heater?
  • extremely high returns - save between 55% - 90 % of water heating energy consumption
  • an incredibly short payback period
  • require very little maintenance
  • Solahart have been around for over 60 years
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 25 years performance warranty
  • international after sales service network

          Product Features:

    • Marine aluminum outer tank for high resistance to harsh weather conditions including salt mist corrosion
    • Double enamel inner tank for corrosion resistance
    • Black chrome miracle absorbing panel for higher energy efficiency – produces hot water regardless of weather.
    • Carries Solar Keymark Certification  

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