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Energy Saving Devices
E-Box and E-Power energy saving devices for residential and commercial applications. They drastically reduce energy consumption levels and optimise maintenance costs.
Over 50% of energy produced is wasted and many energy inefficiency issues can be addressed once diagnosed.
E-Box and E-Power energy saving devices fit between the electricity supply and the main distribution board and the system reduces energy consumption levels drastically and optimises maintenance costs.
Understanding your energy use will help identify opportunities to improve energy performance and gain financial benefits. An energy audit will help you assess how much electricity your household or enterprise consumes, helping you evaluate the best actions to take to improve your energy efficiency and lower your energy bills.
Why choose EBox and EPower energy saving devices? 
Due to the great design and compact nature of this system, it can be installed onto a lighting distribution board anywhere and there is no need to modify any existing installations, be it single or 3 phase.

E-Power is the industrial version that caters for both lighting as well as motive power.

It can be installed in any commercial or industrial location, as long as a three-phase line voltage is available.

E-Box and E-Power have been installed in various locations overseas from shopping malls to airports and proven case studies exist with recognisable brand names like McDonalds and Luton Airport. Reported savings have been in the regions of £1000 a year for one lighting tower and over £10,000 a year for one warehouse.

    • reduce Energy Consumption up to 40%
    • reduce CO2 Emissions by 20%
    • quick ROI – typically between 12-36 months
    • extends the life of lighting elements by up to 300%
    • requires no maintenance after installation
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