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PV Systems
The materials used to make a PV system's Mounting Structure are important for the life of the system as well as the maintenance. Aluminium Anodizing offers a number of benefits.
Mounting Structure of a PV System

Our PV systems are all mounted on an anodized aluminium structure providing durability and protecting your investment.

The process of aluminum anodizing adds a layer of oxidation to aluminum extrusion products. Unlike iron or carbon steel where oxidation creates a layer of corrosion or rust, the anodizing process actually enhances the properties of aluminum. The hard, oxidized layer becomes a part of the aluminum, creating numerous beneficial properties.

Benefits of Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum anodizing enhances the advantageous characteristics of aluminum in several ways:

  • Durability: adds a protective layer
  • Finishing: more aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Corrosion resistance: the thick outer coating produced increases the corrosion resistance of the surface
  • Lasting Colour: colour finish lasts longer
  • Strength: the anodized aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum

Aluminum anodizing has a variety of commercial uses and diverse consumer applications across a wide range of industries. Architectural and construction projects often incorporate these strengthened materials into their external structures, as they are capable of withstanding all types of weather.

This enduring treatment improves the strength and aesthetics of aluminum extrusion products for easy maintenance and long life in any conditions, whether it be indoors or out in the elements.

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